Vicksburg/Champions’s Hill 47th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regimental History

Sketch by Col Slack, 47th Indiana

Indiana at Vicksburg (1911) contains a history of the 47th.   The following paragraph is notable:

General McClernand’s Corps now consisted of Carr’s, Osterhaus’,
Hovey’s and Smith’s Divisions, and drove the enemy from
the field with heavy loss. But little opposition was encountered
until May 16th, on Champion’s Hill, when the army encountered
General Pemberton’s army, which came out from Vicksburg and
gave battle. Here, again, Hovey’s Division was brought on and had
the hardest of the battle. Company A of the 47th was on the skirmish
line, and a retrograde movement of tlie forces engaged brought
the lltli Regiment to the rear of that line, and the charge made by
that regiment swept the skirmishers with it. The guns of a rebel
battery were captured, but had to be abandoned, for just at that
time our force was outnumbered. We had to fall back for a space,
but were soon reinforced and the enemy was swept from the field.
The Champion’s Hill fight has been set down in history as one of
the three great battles that decided the fate of the Southern Confederacy.
It was certain that Pemberton would now have to fall back
to Vicksburg, and as certain that Vicksburg, with its army, must
fall, and that the Confederate States would be completely divided
by the Mississippi River, which would be held against them in its

You can read the regimental history starting from page 289.

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3 responses to “Vicksburg/Champions’s Hill 47th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regimental History

  1. Roger Pastorcich

    I have a Union Map of the Battle of Blakeley. I can not find the 47th Indiana Infantry any where on the Battle Map. Veatch’s Divison under Gen.
    Slack unit. This was the last main battle of the Civil War. North east of Mobile Alabama.

    • Roger Johnson, Commander, US Navy

      Roger: The 47th was at the extreme south end of the line. If you go to Google Earth and zoom down on the battlefield to the east of Vicksburg, you will find the 47th on the eastern edge of the present roadway just after turning back north around the southern loop.

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