Early Laws of the Northwest Territory – 1788

A law respecting crimes and punishments. Pub-
lished on the 6th of September. By this statute the crimes
of treason, murder and houseburning in case where death en-
sues from such burning, were respectively punished by death.
The crimes of burglary and robbery were punishable by
whipping, not exceeding thirty-nine stripes; fine and im-
prisonment for any term not exceeding fort}- years. For the
crime of perjury the offender was punishable b}’ a fine not ex-
ceeding sixty dollars or whipping not exceeding thirty-nine
lashes, disfranchisement and standing in- the pillory for a
space of time not exceeding two hours. Larceny was pun-
ished by fine or whipping at the discretion of the court. If
the convict could not pay the fine of the court it was lawful
for the sheriff, b}’ the direction of the court to bind such con-
victs to labor for a term not exceeding seven years to any
suitable person who could pay such fines. Forgery was pun-
ishable by fine and disfranchisement and standing in the pil-
lory for a space of lime not exceeding three hours. For
drunkenness the law was as follows:

“11 If many person shall be convicted of drunken-
ness before one or more justices of the peace, the per-
son so convicted shall be fined for the first offense
the sum of five dimes and for ever succeeding offense
upon Conviction the sum of one dollar. In either case
if the offender neglects or refuses to pay the fine, he
shall be set in the stocks for the space of one hour,
provided, however, that complaints be made to the
justice or justices within two days after the offense
shall have been committed.

Pioneer history of Indiana

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